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Rex (Ben O'Toole),a veteran and resident of Boise, Idaho visits a Boise bank to see a teller named Maddy that he has a crush on. He purposefully manipulates the bank's line so that when Maddy is available he is able to speak with her. While Rex is flirting and asking Maddy out on a date, a group of armed robbers storm the bank and demand both the register tills and all of the customers' purses and wallets. Rex instructs Maddy to run and prepares to hand over his wallet. Another customer's spilt open purse reveals a firearm which Rex debates using to defend himself as well as the bank customers and employees. Flashback sequences reveal that Rex was able to successfully secure the bank by dispatching the armed robbers one at a time. Unfortunately, an innocent bystander was killed in the process. The reception of Rex's actions is split down the line believing him to either be a hero who saved the day or a rogue vigilante who caused an unnecessary death. Rex goes back and forth with his attorney before his trial, where he can either take a plea deal and serve 8 years in prison or try and prove his innocence but serve 20 to life if he is found guilty. Rex takes the plea deal and serves 8 years in prison.

IMDb :
Comédie, Horreur
1 h 33 min
Date de sortie:
14 janvier 2021

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